White Spotted Bamboo Shark aka Chiloscyllium plagiosum – Profile & Photos

The White Spotted Bamboo Shark (Chiloscyllium plagiosum) is a good shark to keep in captivity due to the relatively small adult size. They are small enough to be raised in a 180g tank but will eventually need moved to a larger tank when they are adults. A 10’x4’x3’ tank would be great but slightly smaller will suffice. They prefer warmer water, over 72 degrees. The females can reach roughly 3.5’ while the males will get to 2.5’. They eat crustaceans and small fish like most other smaller sharks. The White Spotted Bamboo shark also enjoys having a hiding spot.

A pair of White Spotted Bamboo Sharks in a large Aquarium.

Scientific Name – Chiloscyllium plagiosum

Common Name – Bamboo Shark, White Spotted Bamboo Shark, Spotted Bamboo Shark

Regions of Origin – The White Spotted Bamboo Shark can be found living in coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean. They are native to coastal areas around Madagascar as well Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and surrounding waters. (Roughly Japan to India)

Temperament – These smaller species are nocturnal so you won’t see much activity from the during the day. They do well in tanks with larger predators but would make meals out of any small fish, so stick to larger tank mates.

Maximum Size – 36-37″ often smaller in Captivity

Diet – Smaller Fish and Invertebrates; examples being Squid, Shrimp, Scallops and Mullet

Water – 72-76 Degrees

Up close and personal with a White Spotted Bamboo Shark.

White Spotted Bamboo shark looking for food.

Another angle of a White Spotted Bamboo Shark in an Aquarium.

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