Virginia Aquarium & Science Center – Photo Tour

We’ve got another photo tour for you here at Tank Terrors, this time it is the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A good friend of Tank Terrors has taken a couple trips to the Virginia Aquarium and was kind enough to share some photos with us so we can share them with you. So sit back, relax, and take a 23 photo tour of the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.

Big Crevalle Jack swimming in a Saltwater display.

Check out the teeth on this monster, it is a False Gharial. It is an endangered species. Tomistoma schlegelii, also known as the Malayan gharial, false gavial, or Tomistoma. It is a freshwater crocodile of the Crocodylidae family, they have a very thin and elongated snout.

Can you spot the Snake in the picture?

Horseshoe Crab exhibit

Lionfish display

A lobster hanging out in a cave.

Komodo Dragon going for a walk.

Great photo showing a Komodo Dragon.

You can stick your head up into the Komodo Dragon display, surely the closest you could ever get to a Komodo Dragon without being in mortal danger.

A red eared slider coming up to check out the visitors.

Saltwater Reef display

A big puffer fish, a pair of Pompano Jack and what looks to be a small grouper.

Sand Tiger Shark on the prowl.

People stare as Monster Sharks glide through the water.

Cow Nose Stingray

This little port hole allows you to see the bottom of Stingrays as they glide overhead.

Another Stingray, this one is climbing the tank walls.

Big Saltwater display with lots of fish and rays.

The Majestic Sea Turtle.

And finally, a little baby Sea Turtle.

Thanks for taking the photo tour of the Virginia Aquarium, we hope you enjoyed it.

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