Ten of the Biggest Fish Tanks on YouTube

Today we’re going to post a list of the top ten biggest fish tanks on Youtube. Well not just any fish tanks, personal fish tanks. Public aquariums do not count in this competition. We are all well aware of the monster public aquariums, but just who has the biggest personal aquarium in their home? Well, take a look below and see. You might be surprised. I bet you didn’t know people kept German Shepherd size fish as pets. Did I forget one? If so let me know in the comments, I tried to remember all the giants I’ve seen posted over the years but probably left a few out.

Ten of the Biggest Personal Fish Tanks, but like I said. Let me know of others, there is no way I found them all…

    • 1.  50,000g + 15,000g

    • 2. 10,000g

    • 3. 6,300g

    • 4. 5,500g

    • 5. 5,000g

    • 6. 4,500g

    • 7. 4,000g

    • 8. 3,000g

    • 9. 2,000g

    • 10. 1,500g

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