Fluval 5 Gallon Spec V

I’ve recently gotten this black trimmed Fluval Spec V 5 gallon. It is an all in one tank with the filter built into the tank and an LED light included. I put the tank in my bar since it is so compact and has nice clean lines. So far the tank has been great and I would get another in a heartbeat. I got a great deal on it via Amazon.

I set it up with some large river stones and medium sized gravel as a substrate. There is one small piece of driftwood on the left side of the tank for the moss to grow on and to provide some cover for the fish. I also added some Java moss and a small live plant that the name is escaping me at the moment, it is a low light plant though. If you recognize it please drop me a comment below.

There are currently 2 Cory Catfish, 1 Black Neon Tetra (I had 5 but 4 didn’t make it past day one for some reason) and 2 Mollies (One black and one white). At the current moment there is also an Albino Clawed Frog that my Wife picked out, it won’t be staying in this tank though. After some research they get a little too big for such a small tank and would likely eat the fish when it gets larger as well. So I am cycling a 10 gallon setup at the moment to move him to. You can see him below with a minnow tail sticking out of his mouth. I’ll post up a page about the 10 gallon soon, it is a Marineland tank with the LED lid and Biowheel filter setup.

As for the Fluval Spec V, I plan to add some more plants and perhaps some shrimp as well. Once the frog is moved I may add a fancy guppy also.

Once I get some better photos I will update this page.


I have a long white/blue LED above the bar, that is why it is so bright. The Fluval lights are not as bright on their own.

frog eats fish

Juan the Clawed Frog with a minnow sticking out of his mouth.

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