River Monsters Brazil Fishing Trip Photos

TankTerrors reader, Terry Ginis decided to follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Wade and go fishing for her own River Monsters. She was kind enough to share these amazing photos with us of her fishing adventure. All of these fish were caught in the Rio Teles Pires, which is in the center of Brazil. You can read about some of her fishing adventures here.

 Rio Teles Pires Fishing Photos

Jau Catfish – 100lbs

Niger Catfish or as locals call them Cuiu-Cuiu – 30lbs

Red Tailed Catfish – 80lbs

Black Piranha

Close up of Black Piranha teeth.

Huge 20lb Payara!

Close up of the Payara teeth.

Yellow Piranha

A tiny air strip located in the middle of the forest.

In the heart of Brazil.

All photos property of Terry Ginis.

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