Tank Terrors Pictures

This page features a small sampling of photos from around the site. You can find many of them in the Aquarium Tours Category.

Monster Clown Loach and smaller Clown Loaches

Eastern Fence Lizard


Baby Silver Arowana

Baby Silver Arowana

Baby Bellycrawler Pike Cichlid

Seattle Aquarium Reef Tank (Image by Barnes)

Female Jaguar Cichlid @ 9″

Female Betta

Clown Loaches

Chocolate Cichlid

Our 2′ + Niger Catfish (Oxydoras Niger) plus our Albino Oscar who is over 1′ 

Common Pleco on Eco Complete Substrate

Tiny – Our High Yellow Leopard Gecko Morph with a Carrot and spotted tail

Our Motoro Stingray

Seattle Aquarium Reef Tank (Image by Barnes)

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