Tank Terrors Videos

Some of the videos from our YouTube channel.

40 Gallon Saltwater Tank – FOWLR in this video.

Here is my old 200 gallon with a bunch of Clown loaches plus some other cool fish.

Here is a temporary Savannah Monitor enclosure we made. This guy was a rescue we later re-homed.

Another later video of the 200 gallon, lots of Cichlids.

Underwater DIY 400+ gallon pond video.

Ripley’s Aquarium Shark Tunnel

A tour of the old “fish room”.

Motoro Stingray Tank and Setup. 150 gallon.

Savannah Monitor Feeding Video

Underwater feeding video of the 200 gallon.

Red Eared Slider having a treat.

Motoro Stingray feeding on some Shrimp.

How to test your Aquarium for Stray Voltage


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