Wels Catfish / Silurus glanis – Profile & Photos

 Wels Catfish Profile & Photos Scientific Name: Silurus glanis Regions of Origin: Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe, and near the Baltic and Caspian Seas Temperament: There are stories of large Wels Catfish attacking humans. You’d need a pond to keep one of these giants. They are predatory beasts, lurking at the bottom most of the most. They … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 5 : Episode 2 “Atomic Assassin” Video

River Monsters has just released this video from Episode 2 “Atomic Assassin”. It doesn’t show all the cool fish Jeremy caught but it does show the big Wels Catfish. So check it out if you’ve not seen this episode, it’s worth watching for sure.


River Monsters Season 5 : Episode 2 “Atomic Assassin”

The second episode of River Monsters : Season 5 is officially in the books. It was titled “Atomic Assassin” and featured some cool fish. The entire episode was based around Chernobyl and the radiation filled waterways that surround it. Jeremy Wade was granted rare access to the site where he … Read the rest of this post