Bart Scott’s Epic Man Cave Saltwater Tank – Video

You might know Bart Scott from our post featuring his awesome koi pond, well the guys from Tanked were also at his place for an awesome man cave makeover. It included a massive 450 gallon Saltwater aquarium which is featured in the video above where Wayde, Brett, and the DIY Network … Read the rest of this post


Tropical Smoothie Tank Reveal on Tanked

Tanked is back on Animal Planet and they just revealed another crazy aquarium build. This time they put together a really cool cylinder shaped tank for The Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It has about 50 saltwater fish in it including Tangs and Clownfish. The tank is designed to make it look … Read the rest of this post


Amazing Bed Frame Aquarium on Tanked – Furnitureland South Tank

Brett and Wayde along with the crew at ATM put together this incredible bed frame aquarium for a customer. It serves as a head board of sorts but also towers directly over the bed as well. This aquarium truly brings to life the old saying “sleeping with the fishes” . … Read the rest of this post


Neil Patrick Harris is getting a Houdini themed aquarium on Tanked

On a recent episode of Tanked, Wayde and Brett paid a visit to none other than Neil Patrick Harris. You may know him as Barney Stinson on “How I met your Mother” or from one of his other numerous roles. He is by far one of the most iconic actors … Read the rest of this post


Bart Scott’s Epic Koi Pond on Tanked

I have always wanted a Koi pond, especially one with viewing windows so you can actually see the fish. They do look pretty cool from above but viewing windows just add a whole new dimension to viewing. It also adds to the cost of the pond build by a massive … Read the rest of this post

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