Tanked – Shark Tank Video – Black Tip, Nurse Shark, Blue Dot Singray & more

In this clip from Tanked on Animal Planet, Brett and Wayde reveal an 18′ Shark Tank to a client. This tank is absolutely massive, clocking in at 2,000 gallons! It’s got quite a few fish in it along with a Black Tip Reef Shark, Nurse Shark, Bluedot Stingray, Whiptail Stingray, … Read the rest of this post


Tanked – Video – Pinball Aquarium & Giant SW Predator Tank

Check out this clip from Tanked, Season 2. It features the Pinball Machine Aquarium, which has 3 tanks totaling 125 gallons. It is a freshwater setup featuring peaceful fish such as Angelfish. The other tank featured is a massive 3 section Saltwater aquarium with an automated feeding arm. It is … Read the rest of this post

Atlantis-Bahamas Shark Tank

How to setup a Shark Aquarium

So you just got done watching “Tanked” on the Animal Planet and now you just have to have a Shark Aquarium. Well that or you’ve wanted one for a long time, you wondered how hard it actually is and searched or you just saw one for the first time and just have … Read the rest of this post