Legend of the Loch Ness Revealed Videos from River Monsters

Animal Planet has released a few new videos from the season finale of River Monsters : Season 5. It was titled “The Legend of Loch Ness”, where Jeremy searched for answers about the mythical beast. In the end he caught a massive Greenland shark. The elusive giant took him a … Read the rest of this post


Jeremy Wade catching a Vampire Fish on River Monsters Season 5

Another cool clip from River Monsters : Season 5 has been released. This one features Jeremy Wade catching a small Vampire Fish in some rapids. You may also know the Vampire Fish (Hydrolycus scomberoides) as a Payara. It is a cousin of the Piranha with a more vicious set of … Read the rest of this post


Jeremy Wade fishing in Iceland on River Monsters

Check out this clip featuring Jeremy Wade from River Monsters : Season 5. It was filmed in Iceland as he was searching for the Loch Ness Monster in the season finale. He catches a Cod, Haddock, Flounder and some other smaller fish. He was searching for a “Stone Biter” but … Read the rest of this post


Blood Sucking Lampreys on River Monsters – 4 Videos

River Monsters has released some more Season 5 videos for you to check out. These 4 videos are all from episode 6 “Vampires of the Deep”. They feature the very creepy Lamprey, a blood sucking fish found in numerous areas of the US. Jeremy Wade even lets one of the … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters Season 5 Finale – Loch Ness Monster – May 27th at 8pm

Just a quick reminder that River Monsters will not be on the usual Sunday night this week. The season finale will air tomorrow May 27th, at 8pm. It will be a 2 hour episode, wrapping up the 5th season of River Monsters. Jeremy Wade will travel to Iceland, Scotland, and … Read the rest of this post

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