River Monsters – How to catch Siberian Taimen (Video)

In episode 7 of River Monsters: Season 4, Jeremy Wade embarked on an adventure to catch the elusive Siberian Taimen. The episode was titled Mongolian Mauler, you can read our recap of the episode here. The Taimen was on Jeremy’s personal must catch list for many years, watch in the … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 4 – Episide 8 – Phantom Assassin (Glyphis Shark)

Here we are already at episode 8 of River Monsters; Season 4. Jeremy Wade is once again at the Fitzroy river in Western Australia. This time to fish for one of the rarest fish on the planet, the Glyphis Shark (glyphis garricki). Only around 20 have ever been caught, it … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 4 – Episode 7 – Mongolian Mauler

It’s already Episode 7 for season 4 of River Monsters. Jeremy has┬átraveled┬áto Mongolia this time, in search of a Taimen. A fish he has wanted to catch since he was a child after reading the old folk tale about the Taimen. “A taimen was trapped under ice in a village … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 6 – Russian Killer

This was quite the interesting episode of River Monsters. We’re now at episode 6 of Season 4 and Jeremy has traveled to the Amur River Basin in Russia to look for what could be the largest freshwater fish on the planet. It could top both the monster Arapaima Gigas and … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 5 – Killer Sharks & Rays

In episode 5 of River Monsters Season 4 Jeremy Wade is looking back at past Sharks & Rays from previous seasons he has caught. Including the short tailed river ray in South America he caught that was absolutely huge. Along with catching a shark on a hand line while sitting … Read the rest of this post

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