40g Budget Reef Tank Update – Plants, Corals, Jumpers, and more Plants

I’ve had the budget reef tank up and running now for a few months so it’s update time. To start off I will say the tank is doing pretty darn well for the simplicity of it so far. It is still running great with no sump or skimmer, which is something … Read the rest of this post


Fish Tank Kings – Episode 5 – Thoughts and Review

It seems to me like Fish Tank Kings just premiered but we’re already at episode 5. This week the crew finally built a real reef aquarium, which turned out quite nice if you ask me. It was an 8′ x 4′ tank used as a room divider of sorts, viewable … Read the rest of this post


Seattle Aquarium – Photo Tour

We’ve got another Aquarium photo tour for you, this time we’re featuring the Seattle Aquarium in Seattle, Washington. A friend of Tank Terrors took a trip there recently and was kind enough to share these photos with us so we are sharing them with you. It’s got a little something … Read the rest of this post