Jeremy Wade catching a Vampire Fish on River Monsters Season 5

Another cool clip from River Monsters : Season 5 has been released. This one features Jeremy Wade catching a small Vampire Fish in some rapids. You may also know the Vampire Fish (Hydrolycus scomberoides) as a Payara. It is a cousin of the Piranha with a more vicious set of … Read the rest of this post


TankTerrors is now on Facebook

We have made an official Facebook page for Tank Terrors, check it out by clicking here. We’d sure appreciate if you could give it a like. You can also click the F at the top of the page or in the sidebar at any time to connect to our Facebook page. We’ve also … Read the rest of this post

Fishing for River Monsters in Rio Teles Pires, Brazil – Photos

I still dream of heading to Brazil some day to catch a few River Monsters, until then I’ll just have to keep watching on TV. The same cannot be said for TankTerrors reader, Terry Ginis who decided to follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Wade and go fishing for her … Read the rest of this post


Payara (Vampire Fish) aka Hydrolycus scomberoides – Profile and Photos

The Payara (Hydrolycus scomberoides) is a popular game fish in the Amazon and is sometimes seen in the Aquarium Hobby. They are truly magnificent looking, with a pair of long fangs that tuck into the upper jaw. If there ever was a fish designed to be a killing machine, the Payara … Read the rest of this post


Huge Payara & Redtail Catfish – River Monsters Video

Here is another awesome clip from River Monsters. This time Jeremy lands a Monster Payara (Hydrolycus scomberoides) and while showing it off to the camera his other rod gets a hit. After quickly releasing the Payara back into the water Jeremy pulls in a beastly South American Redtail Catfish. It … Read the rest of this post