Ripley’s Aquarium – Photo Tour

Here is a 23 photo tour of the Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We’ve included brief descriptions of some of the photos as well. Arapaima Gigas checking out two much smaller Oscars in the South American Amazon Display. You can see the Oscars trying to get the heck out of … Read the rest of this post


Top 10 Fish you should never buy for your Aquarium

Wait a minute, there are fish I shouldn’t buy for my Aquarium? Yes, that is correct. In fact there are lots of fish that nearly every pet store / fish store sells that have no place in any standard home aquarium. Today I’m gonna go over the top 10 fish … Read the rest of this post


200 Gallon Monster Tank – Underwater Feeding Video

Feeding time in the 200 Gallon Tank. This is underwater footage via an Olympus Stylus Tough camera. The fish shown are Convict Cichlids, Niger Catfish, and an Oscar. There is also a Jaguar Cichlid and Mayan Cichlid in the tank but I am not sure you can see them in … Read the rest of this post