Fishing for River Monsters in Rio Teles Pires, Brazil – Photos

I still dream of heading to Brazil some day to catch a few River Monsters, until then I’ll just have to keep watching on TV. The same cannot be said for TankTerrors reader, Terry Ginis who decided to follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Wade and go fishing for her … Read the rest of this post


Tank Terrors Fish and Reptile Room Tour – Video

Take a tour of Tank Terrors own Fish and Reptile room on video. We’ve got our 200 Gallon tank with plenty of Cichlids and a Monster Niger Catfish along with the Huge 1’+ Oscar. The 150 gallon tank with our Motoro Stingray, our 55 gallon community tank with Angelfish, Corydoras … Read the rest of this post


Monsters of the Amazon – Top 5 Biggest Freshwater Catfish in the Amazon

The Amazon River is home to some of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Today we are going to focus on the Catfish of the Amazon, as well as its tributaries. We have a list put together of the Top 5 Largest Catfish in the Amazon. Check it out … Read the rest of this post


Niger Catfish (Ripsaw Catfish) aka Oxydoras Niger – Profile and Photos

The Niger Catfish (Oxydoras Niger) is the gentle giant of the Amazon. They reach nearly 4’ long though, so a monster aquarium or pond is needed. We have ours in a 8’ long tank right now and that is good but the depth at 2’ is now a problem! The … Read the rest of this post


200 Gallon Monster Tank – Underwater Feeding Video

Feeding time in the 200 Gallon Tank. This is underwater footage via an Olympus Stylus Tough camera. The fish shown are Convict Cichlids, Niger Catfish, and an Oscar. There is also a Jaguar Cichlid and Mayan Cichlid in the tank but I am not sure you can see them in … Read the rest of this post