Nat Geo Wild “World’s Deadliest” – Six-Foot Electric Eel Video & Info

Check out this cool video from Nat Geo Wild. It’s not the full episode but features some cool shots either way. It is from the show World’s Deadliest, this one features none other than the Electric Eel (Electrophorus electricus). A true predator capable of reaching 6-8′ long and weighing 40+lbs. … Read the rest of this post


Fish Tank Kings – Episode 6 Review & Thoughts

In episode 6 of Fish Tank Kings on Nat Geo Wild the Living Color crew took on two new projects. Both projects involved existing aquariums that needed redone. The first was in a private home, a 300 gallon Saltwater Aquarium. The owner had tried to keep a Snowflake Eel in … Read the rest of this post


Fish Tank Kings – Episode 5 – Thoughts and Review

It seems to me like Fish Tank Kings just premiered but we’re already at episode 5. This week the crew finally built a real reef aquarium, which turned out quite nice if you ask me. It was an 8′ x 4′ tank used as a room divider of sorts, viewable … Read the rest of this post


Fish Tank Kings – A ripoff of Tanked?

If you haven’t heard about it already NatGeoWild has a new show out called Fish Tank Kings. It is based around the company Living Color, a custom aquarium builder out of Florida. The show airs on Saturday at 10pm, which I don’t consider a coincidence at all. Tanked which airs … Read the rest of this post