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World’s Deadliest – Monitor Lizards Brawl in the Water

I’m back with another one of these cool NatGeoWild clips, this time we’ve got Reptiles though. In this clip from “World’s Deadliest” we get to see up close what it’s like to see two Monitor Lizards battle it out. It’s quite funny, at times they appear to be hugging but … Read the rest of this post


Two Monitor Lizards Fighting on Video

In this video you can watch as two Monitor Lizards fight in the middle of a dirt road. It is quite amazing to watch them jockey for position, trying to pin the other down. At some points it appears as if they are dancing or hugging but I assure you … Read the rest of this post


List of Monitor Lizard Species

Monitor lizards are small to very large reptiles, depending on the specific species. They have long necks, strong tails and sharp claws. Most species are terrestrial, but arboreal and semiaquatic monitors also exist. Nearly all monitor lizards are carnivorous in nature except for a few species; the Varanus bitatawa, Varanus … Read the rest of this post