Fish Tank Kings – Episode 6 – “Avoiding a Bloodbath” (Video)

We’ve got a short preview video of Fish Tank Kings : Episode 6 “Avoiding a Bloodbath”. The episode will air Saturday, June 16th at 10p (est) on Nat Geo Wild. In this sneak peek video you can see Francis “The Fish Geek” and Mat Roy discussing what types of predatory … Read the rest of this post


Fish Tank Kings – Episode 5 “Fish upon a star” (Video)

In case you’ve missed it I’ve written quite a few reviews of Fish Tank Kings, which is more or less Nat Geo Wilds version of the show Tanked. It follows around the crew at Living Color Aquariums, a Florida based Aquarium manufacturing company much like the show Tanked which follows … Read the rest of this post


Fish Tank Kings – Episode 5 – Thoughts and Review

It seems to me like Fish Tank Kings just premiered but we’re already at episode 5. This week the crew finally built a real reef aquarium, which turned out quite nice if you ask me. It was an 8′ x 4′ tank used as a room divider of sorts, viewable … Read the rest of this post


Fish Tank Kings – A ripoff of Tanked?

If you haven’t heard about it already NatGeoWild has a new show out called Fish Tank Kings. It is based around the company Living Color, a custom aquarium builder out of Florida. The show airs on Saturday at 10pm, which I don’t consider a coincidence at all. Tanked which airs … Read the rest of this post