200 Gallon Monster Aquarium Feeding Video

Check out this video of our old 200 Gallon aquarium. The tank measured 8′ long, 2′ deep and 20″ tall, it housed a variety of Cichlids and a 2′ long Niger catfish not seen in this video. The Cichlids seen are an Albino Tiger Oscar, Mayan Cichlid, Jaguar Cichlid, and … Read the rest of this post


200 Gallon Monster Tank – Underwater Feeding Video

Feeding time in the 200 Gallon Tank. This is underwater footage via an Olympus Stylus Tough camera. The fish shown are Convict Cichlids, Niger Catfish, and an Oscar. There is also a Jaguar Cichlid and Mayan Cichlid in the tank but I am not sure you can see them in … Read the rest of this post


Convict Cichlid – Profile and Photos

The Convict cichlid is one of the most common cichlids in the Aquarium hobby, and for good reason. They are easy to breed which makes it interesting to keep a pair, they are omnivorous and will eat almost anything offered, and don’t get to large so housing them is not … Read the rest of this post


Aquarium Heater Review – Eheim Jager

Aquarium Heaters are something I have not had the best luck with over the years. I’ve had them explode in tanks, leak stray voltage in tanks, and get stuck on causing the tank to overheat. I’ll be doing reviews of all the bad ones coming soon (Hydor Theo, Marineland Stealth). … Read the rest of this post