Arapaima Gigas and Oscar Cichlid

Arapaima Gigas / Arapaima Arapaima – Profile & Photos

The Arapaima Gigas is a true terror, capable of delivering a death blow without even using teeth. They can leap from the water and smash into you when threatened. Jeremy Wade was injured by one when working with a group of breeding Arapaima in South America. It jumped over the … Read the rest of this post


Amazon Exhibit at the National Aquarium in Washington DC

Today we’re sharing a video of the National Aquarium in Washington DC. This video is of the Amazon Exhibit and features fish as small as Flag Tails and as large as the great Arapaima Gigas. It is also home to a Turtle and some smaller cichlids. You can also see … Read the rest of this post


Arapaima Gigas at the Tennessee Aquarium – Underwater Footage and Feeding Videos

The Tennessee Aquarium has an extremely nice Arapaima Gigas exhibit, it also houses numerous other Amazonian species as well. In the videos featured below you can see behind the scenes at the Tennessee Aquarium while they feed the fish, watching the Arapaima gulp food off the surface is quite the … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 9 – Lair of the Giants

It’s already the season finale of River Monsters; Season 4. The nice thing about the season finale is that it’s a 2 hour long special. Jeremy Wade will be fishing in the Essequibo River in Guyana, I would guess he’ll be fishing for Aimara or a large Catfish such as … Read the rest of this post


Fish of the Amazon River – Arapaima Gigas, Pacu, Arowana & More

The Amazon River is one of the most amazing and diverse places on the planet. Every year the forest floods as the rains come and the Amazon River rises many feet, causing many animals to take refuge in the trees. These photos show how the fish take advantage of the … Read the rest of this post

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