40g Budget Reef Tank Update – Plants, Corals, Jumpers, and more Plants

I’ve had the budget reef tank up and running now for a few months so it’s update time. To start off I will say the tank is doing pretty darn¬†well for the simplicity of it so far. It is still running great with no sump or skimmer, which is something … Read the rest of this post


New Fish Update – Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma scopas)

I’ve got a bunch of updates for the 40g Reef tank but don’t have pictures of everything uploaded yet. I do however have these two good shots of one new fish, the Scopas Tang. Also known as the Brown Tang. It isn’t as colorful as some other Tangs but is … Read the rest of this post


40 gallon breeder – The Reef Begins (video)

A new video showing some progress in the 40 gallon breeder reef tank. It isn’t a full blown reef yet but some small frags have been added. You can also see some of the other inhabitants.


40 gallon Breeder Tank Update – New LED, Rock, Fish, and more

Another update for the 40 gallon breeder tank. It now has close to 60lbs of rock thanks to 40lbs of Carib sea base rock I added a week or so ago. The tank also got a new light which is pictured below. It’s a Wave point LED light I got … Read the rest of this post


40 Gallon Breeder Reef Saltwater Tank Update

Big update for the 40 gallon breeder (future)¬†reef tank, we have life and light. I stopped at a local LFS today and picked up a few items. I left with a small Ocellaris Clownfish, I would say about 1.5″ or so. You may also know it as the False Percula … Read the rest of this post