New Fish Update – Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma scopas)

I’ve got a bunch of updates for the 40g Reef tank but don’t have pictures of everything uploaded yet. I do however have these two good shots of one new fish, the Scopas Tang. Also known as the Brown Tang. It isn’t as colorful as some other Tangs but is … Read the rest of this post


Wavepoint 12″ 16 Watt Blue/White Demo Video on the Reef Tank

Here is a demo of the 16 watt Wavepoint LED light on my simple reef setup, a few frags and no sump/skimmer. It’s the 16 watt 12″ version. There are Blue and 10k White LED’s, more blue than white. The T5 light is off for this video. Tank is a … Read the rest of this post


40g Breeder Reef Update – Another Frag and some Crabs

It’s time for another 40g update – this time with 8 Red Claw Hermit crabs and a nice Green Polyp frag. It’s looking more like a reef with each addition and so far so good with everything. The only issue is that my Black and White Striped Damsel went missing, … Read the rest of this post


40 Gallon Breeder Reef Saltwater Tank Update

Big update for the 40 gallon breeder (future)┬áreef tank, we have life and light. I stopped at a local LFS today and picked up a few items. I left with a small Ocellaris Clownfish, I would say about 1.5″ or so. You may also know it as the False Percula … Read the rest of this post


The Start of a New Aquarium – 40 Gallon Breeder – Saltwater Reef

I recently picked up my first new aquarium in years. It’s a 40 gallon breeder tank from Petco. I got it there because of the $1 per gallon sale they do a every year. It ends tomorrow July 27th by the way, so if you want to get one you … Read the rest of this post