Spotted Pictus Catfish aka Pimelodus pictus – Profile and Photos

Pictus Catfish (Pimelodus pictus) are great, especially if you have one that ventures out into the open. Sometimes they hide exclusively which is a shame because the spotted pictus is gorgeous. A silver body with dozens of dark black spots. They eat small pellets and leftovers from the bottom. Frozen food such as bloodworms or other treats are great too. They may eat small guppies, so stick to keeping them in tanks with medium sized fish.

The Pictus Catfish does have sharp spines on its fins, so be careful when moving them. They are covered in a slightly venomous slime, so if you get stuck by one of the fins it will sting. It will also get the spines stuck in nets very easily, so try to move them as carefully as possible when you do have to. They do not get to the giant sizes that some other South American Catfish reach, so a 55 gallon or larger is plenty for a life long home. Just make sure to give them plenty of hiding spots, driftwood works great.

Scientific Name: Pimelodus Pictus

Common Name: Pictus Catfish, Spotted Pictus Catfish

Regions of Origin: South America – Orinoco and Amazon River Basins

Temperament: Peaceful members of the Catfish family, but they will eat smaller fish that they can fit in their mouth.

Diet: Smaller invertebrates, crustaceans, and other small live prey items. In captivity a protein rich pellet can be used as well.

Size: Up to 4-6″

Water: PH 5.8-7.0, 73°-80°

The Spotted Pictus catfish doing what it does best, hiding under cover.

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