Species Profile – Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko Profile and Care sheet

  • Scientific name – Eublepharis macularius
  • Common Name – Leopard Gecko
  • Diet – Insects. Mealworms, Crickets, Roaches in captivity.
  • Size – 8-10″ 50-100++ grams
  • Care Requirements – 20 Gallon or larger tank. 70-80 on the cool side, 80-90 on the warm side. A hide should be on each side, with some form of humid hide on the cool side. Water dish should be on the cool side and kept clean.
  • Tank Terror Comments – Great first reptile. Very easy to care for.

Leopard Geckos come in dozens of morphs and color patterns.

This big girl above is half normal pattern Leopard Gecko and half Giant Raptor. She was 75g at the time this photo was taken. She was purchased from a private breeder.

The Gecko above is a baby Leopard Gecko. Sold at a Reptile Convention as a “High Yellow” Morph.

You can find more Leopard Gecko Photos here.

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