River Monsters Videos


We have posted lots of River Monsters videos on the site in the past few months. To make them easier to find we put together this list of all of them. Just click the fish name you’d like to see and it will open the video page. We’ll update this page as more videos are added as well.


Greenland Shark / Legend of Loch Ness Season 5 Finale

Payara (Vampire Fish) Season 5

Iceland Fishing Season 5

Lampreys on Season 5 (3 videos)

Wels Catfish – Season 5

Wels Catfish – Season 5 (How to Catch a Wels Catfish)

Discus Ray – Season 5

Black Piranha – Season 5

Mekong Catfish

Siberian Taimen

Jeremy Wade swims with Piranhas

Requiem Whaler Shark

Black Caiman

Glyphis Shark

Kaluga Sturgeon

Payara and Red Tailed Catfish

Tigerfish Feeding Frenzy

African Tigerfish

Goliath Grouper

Catfish Noodling


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