River Monsters – Season 6

Jeremy Wade will return once again with another new season of River Monsters on Animal Planet in 2014. It remains to be the biggest hit show on Animal Planet, peaking over 2 million viewers for the finale of season 5. The average viewership of season 5 was also very strong, averaging 1.8 million viewers.

It’s hard to speculate what Jeremy will go after this year, he has fished for nearly all the monsters out there at this point. I’d imagine there may be some repeat fish from previous seasons along with a couple surprises. The debut episode will premiere on April 6th at 9 pm.

If you’ve got any ideas of what he might be fishing for this year  please leave a comment below. We’ll be updating with new posts as more information becomes available as well.

Update – There are now descriptions posted below, one notable episode is number 4. Jeremy will once again hunt for a Piraiba Catfish.

River Monsters Season 6

Episode 1 – “Amazon Apocalypse” — April 6th 9pm ET/PT.  The 2 hour Season 6 premiere will investigate one of the Amazon’s largest maritime disasters, the sinking of the Sobra Santos. Eye witnesses and surviving passengers will retell their story of the event. An estimated 200 passengers lost their lives in this tragic disaster. They blame something in the water for many of the deaths and Jeremy Wade wants to figure out what could have possibly caused it.

Episode 2 – “Jungle Terminator” — April 13 at 9pm ET/PT. Three mysterious deaths in three countries lead Wade on an adventure where he must team up with a remote and secretive tribe that has a unique and death-defying way of catching these culprits.

Episode 3 – “River of Blood” — April 20 at 9pm ET/PT. A brutal underwater mutilation of a young man leads Wade to a face-to-face confrontation with one of South America’s greatest freshwater fighting fish that slashes and stalks its prey while living in one of Argentina’s most dangerous waterways.

Episode 4 – “Man Eating Monster” — April 27 at 9pm ET/PT. Locals call it the lau-lau (Piraiba Catfish), a creature so huge it’s said to swallow men whole, and Wade sets his sight on a specimen that is colossal in size and strength.

Episode 5 – “Bone Crusher” — TBA date. When Brazilian locals uncover a corpse with highly unusual injuries and then an increase in missing persons cases are reported, Jeremy Wade must confront one of his greatest fears to solve the mystery.

Episode 6 – “Body Snatcher” — TBA date. In the remote rivers of Guyana, Wade is on the hunt for a potential news species and newest candidate for largest freshwater fish in the world – a legendary predator freshwater mermaid or siren that could be real.


Jeremy Wade with a Wels Catfish caught during season 5 of River Monsters.


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