River Monsters – Season 5


River Monsters : Season 5 has yet to be announced but I am confident Animal Planet will be bringing it back for another year. There are numerous Monsters left for Jeremy to search for along with some unfinished business with others. Once the season begins we’ll be doing our episode summaries as we did for season 4. I imagine the season will premiere somewhere around April, so long as Jeremy is returning for season 5 that is. You can click the links below to check out some early posts we’ve already done discussing season 5 of River Monsters.

Update : Season 5 is officially over, you can check out the video page here, we add the new videos as Animal Planet releases them. We’ll have River Monsters : Season 6 info out as soon as anything is announced.

Update for Season 5 – Official Announcement Video by Jeremy Wade posted click here.

New River Monsters Jeremy Wade should catch in season 5

When does River Monsters : Season 5 Start?

River Monsters Season 5 – Locations and Premiere Update

River Monsters : Season 5 Episodes 

Episode 1 “Face Ripper”  – April 7th @ 9pm – 2 hour Season Premiere – Bolivian River hunt for a killer. Fish featured – Red Bellied Piranha, Black Piranha and Arapaima Gigas. He also catches a few others such as a Flat Whiskered Catfish, Freshwater Ray and Peacock Bass. (Click here for a video of Episode 1)

Episode 2 “Atomic Assassin” – April 14th @ 9pm – Ukraine – Hunt for Mutant fish at Chernobyl. Wels Catfish among numerous other species. (Video of this episode)

Episode 3 “Killer Torpedo” – April 21st @ 9pm – Nicaragua in Central America. This episode will surely be about the Tarpon, a true monster. Indeed it was about the Tarpon, fly fishing too.

Episode 4 “American Killers” – April 28th @ 9pm (Encore of American Killers from Season 4)

Episode 5 “Colombian Slasher” – May 5th @ 9pm – Searching for a killer fish in Colombia, South America.

Episode 6 “Vampires of the Deep” – May 12th @ 9pm – Vermont/Oregon in the United States. (Video of this episode)

Episode 7 “Best of Season 5” – May 19th @ 9pm – Recap of the best moments from Season 5.

Episode 8 “Loch Ness” – May 27th @ 8pm – 2 hour Season Finale : Lochness Monster searching in Scotland, Norway, and Iceland. (Iceland Fishing Video) (3  videos from the season finale, showing the Greenland Shark)


  • Terry Ginis says:

    Here’s a link to the Icon Production website-they make RM, with more information about the upcoming season five. http://www.iconfilms.co.uk/whats-going-on/blogs/its-official-river-monsters-season-5-coming-to-the-us-on-7th-april-2013.html

  • Liam McGrath says:

    Here’s an article from channel guide that lists every episode in season 5 and gives a description for each.


    Can’t wait!

    • TankTerrors says:

      Thanks a bunch Liam, that link does provide lots of info. I went ahead and updated this post with episode titles and information, thanks again.

  • Liam McGrath says:

    I also just found this “fishy facts” page on animal planet’s ekit page that basically lists every species in the season, here’s the link.


  • frogger 9000 says:

    river monsters is pretty much the only show i watch!!

  • Liam McGrath says:

    From what I’ve found on both the River Monsters Press kit site and season trailer, I have come to the conclusion that “Face Ripper” will probably invesitgate a never-before-seen Black Piranha feeding frenzy phenomenon, “Atomic Assassin” will feature the Wels Catfish of Chernobyl that have grown to epic proportions because of lack of human interference and possibly radiation mutation, “Vampires of the Deep” will show the different blood-sucking, leech-like Lampreys that inhabit American waters, and finally “Loch Ness” will investigate the true identity of the Loch Ness Monster and look at the possibility of a Greenland Shark actually finding it way into the Loch, causing the legend to be created. It is also discussed in Jeremy’s book “River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones that Didn’t Get Away” that fishing writer Kieth “Catfish” Sutton caught a sandy-colored species of river stingray called the Discus Ray in the Amazon that was north of six feet across and told stories of Discus Rays reaching up to eight feet across! This coupled with the fact that Amazonian stingrays are discussed in the River Monsters Press Kit page and a large sandy-colored stingray is in the season 5 trailer right before the Goliath tigerfish shot makes me think that the Discus Ray will be the focus of the “Colombian Slasher” episode.

  • TankTerrors says:

    Amazing Research Liam, we’ll find out if you’re right on all of that in the next few weeks. Awesome stuff.

  • Hedley Burden says:

    it says that season 5 of river monsters started on April 7th. I cannot find it anywhere on Shaw sattelite. Not on Discovery,or Animal Planet( Canada). WTF. It is probably my favorite show. When and where will it be on Canadian tv?

    • TankTerrors says:

      I know it is airing on Animal Planet in the US right now. I am not sure on Canada, I will look around and see if I can find any other listings. I assume it would be airing there right now too but maybe it is delayed for some strange reason.

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