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Jeremy John Wade (Born 5/5/56) is an extreme angler, writer, TV presenter, author, and Biologist. Wade is best known for his television series River Monsters and Jungle Hooks. Jeremy grew up in rural Suffolk in the United Kingdom where he studied zoology at Bristol University. He went on to teach biology at a grammar school in Kent as well.


Jeremy Wade holding a Payara caught in the Amazon.

In 1984, he was held and questioned as a suspected spy during a fishing trip on the Mekong River in Thailand. He has also survived a plane crash, you can see footage of this in one of the River Monsters specials. He has also caught Malaria during one of his trips, which certainly puts a damper on fishing along with everything else.

In 1992 he published Somewhere Down the Crazy River (written along with Paul Boote). The book covers the rediscovery of the Indian Mahseer and the Goliath Tigerfish of the Congo. It is considered by some to be one of the classics of angling literature. In 1994 Jeremy took a photo of an unidentified creature in an Amazonian Lake. Scientists were mystified by the animal he photographed. He was sent out by the BBC Natural History Unit the following year where he succeeded in filming it after a five-week search. Since this time he has pursued another Amazon Monster, the Arapaima Gigas. It was the subject of his 2002 British television series, Jungle Hooks. In 2006 he came out with another Jungle Hooks special, this one from India.

Then in 2009 Jeremy hit the big time with his ever popular River Monsters. There have been 4 seasons of River Monsters so far with season 5 set to premiere in spring of 2013.


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