River Monsters

Jeremy Wade, host of River Monsters.

River Monsters is a documentary television program that airs on Animal Planet and is hosted by Jeremy Wade. The show is produced by Icon Films of Bristol, UK. The first season aired from April 5th to May 17th, 2009. A second season began airing on April 25th, 2010 and the third season began inĀ  April 2011. It remained a success and the fourth season began on April 1st, 2012.

River Monsters had the best series premiere in Animal Planet’s network history by delivering 1.3 million viewers. It was also its most watched regularly airing prime time telecast in over six years.The second episode did even better and delivered a 39% boost in total viewers (1.866 million) compared to the series premiere. That made it the best performing regularly scheduled prime time telecast in Animal Planet’s history. Its second season premiere episode became the network’s best season premiere ever, drawing in 1.7 million total viewers.

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  • Simeon Zekic says:

    Hey, I have an idea! Why since River Monsters is running out of fish to catch (which is obvious since there were only 6 episodes this season instead of the usual 7, and two of them were fish he had already caught), why don’t we here have a river monsters contest, where we get to make up a “season” using the format of the following example:

    Episode 1:
    Name: “Wolf Jaw”
    Target Species: Muskellunge
    Country: America
    Description: Jeremy travels to the US’s Great Lakes in search of a fish that has mauled a child. On the journey, Jeremy finds astonishing evidence that the fish he is searching for can bring down large animals, and is reputed to grow monsterous.

    The season a person submits will be limited to 6 episodes. Sources detailing the websites where the person got the information will be listed (mainly to prove that the fish suggested is indeed capable of attacking a person), and viewers will get to vote on their favorite. All seasons must include at least one fish Jeremy has already gone after. After a week, the five most popular seasons are selected to add a seventh episode, and after another week of voting, the top two get to add an eighth. Whoever gets the most votes among those two wins. You can submit as many season ideas as you like, but only one of your seasons may added to the top five list. Then we could send the winners and runner-ups to Icon Films to give them inspiration to future seasons. So, what do you think?

  • TankTerrors says:

    I think we’d have a hard time coming up with 8 new ones, although last season really only featured a couple new fish. Some were the same species, like the Ray. I wonder what they’ll do for season 6, if anything. They are really low on options here, I mean he went for the Loch Ness Monster last season which was slightly comical in a sense. I am curious if they should reformat the show, lose the killer stories and just go for monsters as the shows title suggests.

    • Liam McGrath says:

      I think the Alligator Snapping Turtle and Muskie have the potential to be in season six, due to their popularity. There are also some marine stingrays that are known to enter estruarine and freshwater environments, like the Roughtail Stingrays in Africa (largest Atlantic Stingray) and the Cowatil Stingrays in Thailand (the species that is attributed to killing Steve Irwin), so there is potential there too. There are also some species, like the Mangar, Giant Pangasius, Manguruyu, Wallago Leeri, Piraya Piranha, and Daggertooth Pike Conger that I think would make some good episodes, but they are all pretty obscure and may be below the show’s radar. However, I think the episodes most likely to be in season 6 are revisited fish, namely Pacu invasions in the US or a rematch with the Wallago Attu. The rematch I’d like to see though is with the Piraiba, because the one Jeremy caught in season one was not nearly as big as the species can get. I also have some personal ideas, but that’s a whole other post.

  • Nick says:

    I remember reading a report of an 18-pound zander that started attacking people in a lake in Switzerland. It managed to hospitalize two people. Perhaps they could investigate that.
    Burbot are also good river monsters; they can grow to 25 pounds, and although there haven’t been any reported attacks on humans, they have been known to eat birds, are invasive, and are as ugly as hell.

  • Hmmmm I think that the face ripper on episode 5 is amipre or however u spell it or a red parona I didn’t finish the episode yet

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