River Monsters will be back in 2014 with Season 6

Jeremy Wade will return once again with another new season of River Monsters on Animal Planet in 2014. It remains to be the biggest hit show on Animal Planet, peaking over 2 million viewers for the finale of season 5. The average viewership of season 5 was also very strong, averaging 1.8 million viewers.

It’s hard to speculate what Jeremy will go after this year, he has fished for nearly all the monsters out there at this point. I’d imagine there may be some repeat fish from previous seasons along with a couple surprises. The debut episode should air late April or early May if they follow previous years schedules. There is no announcement on the exact date quite yet. It is also not known how many episodes this season will have. I’d say a safe guess is 5-6, considering last year only had 6 original episodes.

If you’ve got any ideas of what he might be fishing for this year  please leave a comment below. We’ll be updating with new posts as more information becomes available as well.

Update – The season premiere has been announced click here for info.


Jeremy Wade with a Wels Catfish caught during season 5 of River Monsters.


  • Christian says:

    We know that Jeremy was in August 2013 in the Uruguay river fishing and other fishing sites in Argentina, looking for the Golden Dorado (Salminus brasilensis)
    Surely a chapter will have to do with that fish
    Below the link http://www.elheraldo.com.ar/noticias/90926_discovery-channel-realizo-en-concordia-un-programa-sobre-el-dorado.html

    • TankTerrors says:

      Very cool, thanks for the information.

      • Wilhelm Tan says:

        How could a dorado turn into a killer?

        • TankTerrors says:

          It probably couldn’t. The show is more about just catching monster fish these days, the connections to fish being killers is a lot more slim. They try to portray it as such based on old legends or tales from villages but thinking logically many of the fish would just be hard pressed to take out an adult human being.

  • Mike says:

    I love this show it makes me want to come indoors for a bit lol
    But I think Jeremy has not touched Canada enough , like what about the the sharks that travel up the saint Laurence river or what about the mysterious ogopogo that would be really cool eh!

  • sean says:

    I live on the new jersey/Philadelphia border right next to the Delaware river. There has got to be some kind of monstrosity that lives in there. Ive heard of bull sharks sturgeon and huge tiger musky in there but never caught any.

  • KJ Corp says:

    Possibly the musky, I don’t see any other option.

  • antriksh says:

    Please relez new series please i love this show

  • Nick Carlson says:

    The Facebook exclusive announcement just got released. A two-hour season premiere called Amazon Apocalypse will be released on April 6th. It showed a glimpse of one of the new fish…very brief, but it looks to be a good size.


  • Joe McBride says:

    I am serious fan/lover of river monsters, fish, wildlife in general I guess you could say. When asked what could Jeremy be fishing for in season 6? Its so hard to think what he fill an entire series with but a thought came to mind,,,maybe a Taimen?? And there have been fish on the show that werent actual “eaters” of humans but remember some were able to knock humans out and then they drown,,,?? just an idea

  • sharon says:

    I love river monsters and Jeremy is one of my favorite people. He is awesome and really looking forward to new season.

  • Dianne Kirby says:

    For months, I have been waiting and wondering. This news of a new season is wonderful! One of the best shows available.

  • Mark Barta says:

    I think heshould choose one of the following: elopichtys bambusa (as large as a taimen) Nilr crocodile, it is sort of cheating buttheydid do the black Carmen an there was a giant lnile croc that may still be alive. Beluga sturgeon. The biggest freshwater fish and predatory. Baykal sturgeon (not really a monster but there are freshwater seals there and the lake would be the star. Lake tanga yikes cichlids. None are monsters. Maybe an electric catfish Or a hippo could be the monster. Maybe look for the Chinese paddlefish. Probably extinct, but could find the chinesebanded shark or the Yangtze orchinese sturgeon.

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