River Monsters – Season 8 – Saltwater Monsters

Great news River Monsters fans, Jeremy Wade will be back again next year. It was announced River Monsters has been renewed for yet another season, which will premiere in spring of 2016. It’s really impressive how long the show has been going on now, it has even outlasted many prime time television shows. It is a testament to how much people are intrigued by monster fish.

Season 8 is said to focus on Saltwater fish for the first time, which isn’t surprising. He has pretty much ran through all the giant Freshwater fish there is. Not to mention the terrors of the Ocean are larger and scarier than most anything in Freshwater. I have to imagine he’ll be catching some Sharks, Groupers, Rays, and who knows what else. There should be some exciting moments for sure considering Jeremy almost never leaves without a catch.

The exact premiere date isn’t known yet but expect an April or May date once it is settled. That is typically when the premiere episode airs, followed by 5-7 more episodes to round out the season. As more information is available we will update this post.


Jeremy Wade holding a Piraiba Catfish from a previous season.


  • Nick Carlson says:

    Good to see Jeremy back again. River Monsters is really the only reason I still watch television these days.

    Just a question, are you going to update the episode reviews? I enjoy reading what other people have to say about them.

  • cory tune says:

    Jeremy wade has this magnetism that draws you into the shows. I usually don’t normally watch back to back shows on demand but I find myself most of the time watching up to 5 straight episodes of river monsters .. Just a great show and I’m glad it’s back for an 8 th season

  • Dan C says:

    Really glad this show is coming back for another season. I’m excited to see some saltwater monsters, but I’m hoping they keep it interesting and don’t go after stuff we already know is out there.

  • C.Brown says:

    I will check it out but not expecting much than fish I have already seen presented in a different way.
    I’m a big fan of Mr. Wade but this Salt water edition..well it may not work but we shall see.

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