River Monsters – Season 5 – Will there be one? When does it start?

If you’re anything like me then you are already itching for season 5 of River Monsters to start, but the question is, are they making season 5? I have not been able to find any legitimate information regarding whether or not River Monsters will be back for season 5 but I also have no reason to believe it won’t be. I can’t imagine Animal Planet would cancel one of their highest rated shows in the history of the network.

The challenge will be finding new fish to search for and keeping viewers interested for a 5th season. I am sure Jeremy Wade still has a few places left on his bucket list he’d like to visit so in my mind season 5 of River Monsters should be a go. If they were planning to cancel the series I imagine it would have been announced by now. So until I hear otherwise I will assume season 5 of River Monsters will probably air in early 2013. If they are indeed filming it then some clips and information should be available soon as well. We’ll post any updates and information regarding River Monsters: Season 5 right here at TankTerrors as soon as we hear anything so check back often.

Jeremy Wade holding a Vundu Catfish he caught in Season 4 of River Monsters.

Edit – We’ve added a River Monsters Season 5 update – Just click here

Update 2 – Season 5 has been announced – Click here for information and a teaser video from Jeremy Wade


  • Simeon Zekic says:

    Apparently, there have been several sightings of Jeremy filming the show at Lake Champlain. Although he was pretty tight-lipped about what he was fishing for, but some persistent locals stuck around untill they saw him catch his target species: Asian Carp, Longnose Gar, and Lampreys. The Asian Carp and Lanpreys he was fishing for them for obvious reasons (environmental disaster, parasites attaching themselves to swimmers), but the Longnose Gar story is not that strait-forward. So the story goes, a family in a canoe had a bunch of gar pushing on the side of the canoe, apparently trying to knock them out of the boat. I guess they are running a little thin on material.

    I have an idea. Maybe, to help them along with episode ideas, we should make a post that lists any potentially dangerous freshwater fish, dangerous marine fish that can swim up rivers, or any unsolved attacks on people on rivers most likely commited by fish that the show hasn’t gone after yet, then send the link to Mr. Wade via email. Let’s get this together!

    • TankTerrors says:

      If you want to put a list together, feel free. I will make it into a post. You can send it via the contact link at the top of the site.

  • i hope your back for season 5

  • LeRoy Bringe II says:

    Idea for River Monsters Season 5!

    In Hateras,NC threre is a large population of Cobia. There have been sightings of large Cobia in inland rivers on the coast of NC. My Grandfather caught a 6ft Cobia 16 miles inland in Brunswick County NC! It was freakin huge. Have Polaroids but ill have to have him scan them! Just a thought.

  • Terry Ginis says:

    Just to put my two cents in about season five-they shot in a few different places in the US again, including Lake Champlain where someone reported Jeremy had caught a Gar over 50 inches. He was also out west again….funny, but it seems shooting took longer than planned. I had a friend staying in England who was scheduled to go to an event he was attending, which was posponed a week due to they delay here. Just FYI, but the “list” of species to be caught and the locations are chosen at least a year in advance by Jeremy’s production company-Icon Films. Also emails sent to him using his UK web address are actually being sent on to Icon, due to the number of emails he receives.

  • Terry Ginis says:

    Forgot to mention-a friend of mine shared a flight with Jeremy a couple of weeks ago from the UK to Brazil-so it looks like Brazil will be featured in season five. I’m so excited because those shows he did from season one in Brazil was the spark that sent me on my journey to catch monster fish!

  • Terry Ginis says:

    No problem-more infor as I hear it.

  • Simeon Zekic says:

    I remember reading an interview of Jeremy saying that the Muskellunge is one fish that he hasn’t caught yet but he really wants to. If he is filming more episodes in America he could be going after a Muskie.

    • TankTerrors says:

      I was just talking with someone about these fish yesterday. I would like to see him catch a 4′ plus Muskie, but they aren’t easy to catch. It would be a challenge for sure.

      • Kris says:

        His typical throw live bait and wait won’t work so well for Muskie. I would love to see a muskie episode. Catch them all the time up here in Ontario, Canada.

  • Roy says:

    Jeremy Wade needs to revisit the Wels Catfish in the more remote lakes and rivers of Europe. People still don’t have a sense of just how big a wels catfish can get. A true potential man-eater. There are far bigger wels than the 250 to 300 lbs in River Ebro. Nice to see him land a 550 plus lbs wels catfish. Or he needs to try and catch a 300 lb plus goonch catfish. That would be exciting to see.

    • Liam M says:

      Sorry if I’m bursting your bubble, but Goonch over 200 pounds are ridiculously rare, only recorded a few times in history. Catching one that size, especially in 2 weeks seems impossible. I think that Goonch he caught before is basically as good as he is going to get it. And with current catches of Wels Catfish, anything above 250 lbs would be considered legendary, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything like that. Maybe he’ll go after Wels Catfish in the Po River, they can reach up to 200 lbs there and seem to generally be bigger than the ones in the Ebro.

  • ryan murray says:

    What about the soldatov catfish that wade touched on briefly in season 4 episode 6?? He said that it cud grow up to 9 feet and that not a lot was known about it and yet he didn’t pursue it. I think that he should go back to Russia to catch it.

  • Der Pootis Man says:

    I forget… Did he do Payara yet? If not, it’s a dangerous fish in the Amazon.

    • TankTerrors says:

      He has caught a Payara in past seasons, a pretty big one too. They also found one floating that was trying to eat another one, they pulled out a half digested carcass from the floater. It was pretty crazy.

    • Liam M says:

      It seems that Jeremy has been in Brazil recently, so you could be seeing the Payara in season 5. I don’t know if there is anything that is left for him to target in the Amazon, though. I don’t think that a Payara would be make a good target either way because of their relatively small size and lack of recorded attacks on humans.

  • mark says:

    with all the talk and stories of monsters/mutant fish being sighted in rivers where “supposed” bio hazard waste chemicals is left to run into the rivers and lakes,i think they would be a very good places for jeremy to visit.

  • Nick Carlson says:

    It has been confirmed: Season 5 will be released in Spring this year.

  • Dear Jeremy, I watch your show whenever it is on and I have a fish that I have not see on the show. It is called the Pacific Stargazor, it is electric and poisonous and is found in Baja California in the Cabo San Lucas waters, I am not sure if it was seen in the ocean or river, but it looks like a bulldog, and has a set of sharp teeth. Maybe you could check it out and have it on your show. Thanks for considering the idea, as it looks very fierce.

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