River Monsters – Season 5 Finale – Legend of Loch Ness

Jeremy Wade searches for answers in the Legend of Loch Ness in the 2 hour finale of River Monsters : Season 5. It begins as usual, with Jeremy interviewing some locals who claim to have seen some sort of monster. He speaks with a woman who claims to have seen something with a large solid body, not the usual depiction which appears more snake like.

He finally gets to fishing in Loch Ness, just to see what kind of smaller local fish live under the waters surface. He uses the standard worm on a hook just to see what might be down there. He quickly catches something and it sure is a monster, but not the Loch Ness monster. It is a very creepy looking European freshwater eel. He catches many more as well, but no actual fish of sorts. Just the eels.

Jeremy speaks with a local fisherman who tells him of a 1,500 year old tale of a man who was killed by the supposed Loch Ness monster. He then decides to take a swim in the water, it is clear by the shore but once you go deeper it gets dark and impossible to see. The lake doesn’t have a large volume of fish, so Jeremy begins to doubt whether it could sustain any large freshwater predators.

He speaks with another local man who says the serpents seen are nothing more than waves passing by. It is nothing more than your eyes playing tricks on you. He also tells Jeremy that seals can sometimes swim into the Loch. He also says it’s possible Sturgeon could swim into the loch from the Sea, which would surely explain the large creature sometimes seen swimming. Jeremy does not think it is a Sturgeon though, he travels down the river ness to find out more.

After more visits with numerous local people Jeremy is back to fishing. He is in Iceland, still searching for a monster. He is trying to catch a toothy predator known as the stone biter. He ends up with a Cod, not what he is after. He lands numerous other smaller fish, but no large predators. The water is rich with smaller fish though.

Jeremy travels to more freshwater lakes in Iceland, this time he sees a video of some sort of freshwater monster. It is to hard to tell exactly what it is in the footage though. There is a lot of talking and visiting of places in this episode and very little fishing. It has become clear Jeremy is searching for a large shark though, he is now heading to Norway to visit a man who can take him fishing for one. It is the Greenland Shark (Somniosus microcephalus). They can reach 24′ and 2,500lbs per this episode of River Monsters.

He catches an extremely rare Ray, along with a dogfish in his search for the Greenland shark but no shark yet. He spends days fishing in the fjord but no sharks have hit his lines yet. It will be a long night when one does though, with roughly 2,000 foot if line out it will take hours to reel one in.

As his final day fishing nears he finally lands a Greenland Shark. It is a massive beast, so big they cannot get it onto the boat. So after Jeremy hops in the water for a closer look, they release the beast. It was a nice ending to another season of River Monsters.

Update – Videos added of this episode click here.


A shot of the elusive Greenland Shark (Somniosus microcephalus), which could possibly be the fish responsible for the legend of Loch Ness.


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