River Monsters : Season 5 : Episode 3 “Killer Torpedo”

In Episode 3 of River Monsters: Season 5, Jeremy Wade travels to Nicaragua in Central America to hunt for another killer fish. He visits the site of the story as usual but after the previews were shown it was pretty obvious this episode would be about the Monster Tarpon.

I could easily see a Tarpon being able to knock someone out of their boat and causing them to drown. It wouldn’t be that crazy. The local blame a fish spirit but this isn’t exactly a scientific method.

He begins fishing with a large spinning reel and a jig as bait. He quickly catches a fish, it is Jack, a fish normally seen only in saltwater or brackish at best. He then tests the water out and it is brackish water, not fresh. This is obviously where the Tarpon comes into play. He travels to a village where he is presented with a Tarpon head. It came from a decent sized one but these fish can achieve colossal sizes.

He speaks with a local fisherman (Daniel) known as “white boy” who gives him advice on how to catch tarpon. He tells him to use a fly rod, so Jeremy does just that.  He lands a Tarpon quickly thanks to the help of his guide, Daniel who took him to a secret location full of Tarpon. The fish gets away as he unhooks it though, so he is unable to measure it or check it out up close. He keeps trying though and in the end Jeremy catches his Tarpon and it is massive. I would say around 6-7′ long. You can check out a screen grab below of the large Tarpon he caught.


Jeremy Wade with a huge Tarpon.

Update – Here is a video clip are two video clips from the “Killer Torpedo” episode featuring the Tarpon.

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