River Monsters Season 5 : Episode 2 “Atomic Assassin”

The second episode of River Monsters : Season 5 is officially in the books. It was titled “Atomic Assassin” and featured some cool fish. The entire episode was based around Chernobyl and the radiation filled waterways that surround it.

Jeremy Wade was granted rare access to the site where he fished the cooling pond of the nuclear reactor in search of mutated monsters. As it turns out there are plenty of fish in the pond. He catches them left and right throughout the entire episode basically. They range from the Northern Pike, Perch, Pike Perch (Zander), and even a large bait fish called a chub.

He only had 3 days to fish the radiation filled area so time was of the essence like never before. The pond wasn’t working for him though, despite seeing a smaller Wels hooked on his first day he was only catching other fish which he wasn’t after. He wanted a big Wels Catfish.

Later in the episode he was granted access to the channels that routed water from the cooling pond directly to the reactor. It was in the these canals he was finally able to hook up with a Wels Catfish (Silurus glanis). It wasn’t grossly mutated though, aside from being pretty dark it resembled most Wels you’ll see anywhere else. You’d be hard pressed to catch that many fish in a 3 day period anywhere in my opinion. So while the radiation isn’t the best for the environment the fish population seems to be plenty steady in the cooling pond at Chernobyl. It was a good episode though, worth watching as usual.


Jeremy Wade with the “Atomic Assasion” Wels Catfish


Wels Catfish Mouth

Next episode – “Killer Torpedo” about the giant Tarpon.

Update – Video from this episode is posted, click here.

Update II – More Video posted, click here for “How to catch a Wels Catfish”


  • NPC says:

    He did hook into a fish that was “pulling him towards the water,” though. And I don’t know about anyone else, but it was kind of sad that the catfish was half the length it should have been.

    • Liam McGrath says:

      Yeah, it was a bit anticlimactic, especially because he almost caught impressive fish on multiple occasions during the epsidoe. But, I have looked at the rest of the episode lineup and it seems that there isn’t going to be any disappointments based on the previews, interviews, and trailers I’ve seen. Can’t wiat for those myself.

    • TankTerrors says:

      It sucks they wouldn’t give him more time. I bet there are some giants in that water.

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