River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 8 – Glyphis Shark Video

In this clip Jeremy Wade catches a Glyphis Shark (glyphis garricki). This is the first time one has ever been caught on film, truly a historical moment. This is from Season 4, episode 8 of River Monsters. You can read our recap of the episode by clicking here.

Glyphis Shark catch by Jeremy Wade on River Monsters

Here is another clip from River Monsters; Season 4 – Episode 8. Jeremy Wade catching a Bull Shark in Australia.

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  • […] Jeremy is still on the hunt and lands another big fish, maybe this time it will be the rare Glyphis Shark. As he brings it near the boat it is clear this is not a Bull Shark. The fish is fouled hooked though, so he must be very careful. Finally they grab the tail and get the shark on the boat, it is identified as the Glyphis Shark. This is great for Jeremy, one of the best catches of his life without a doubt. They only have it for 60 seconds though, due to the rarity of the species you must put them back right away in order to give it the best chance of survival. Another episode, another success. The Glyphis Shark can be checked on his list of River Monsters. You can view video of this episode by clicking here. […]

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