River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 5 – Killer Sharks & Rays

In episode 5 of River Monsters Season 4 Jeremy Wade is looking back at past Sharks & Rays from previous seasons he has caught. Including the short tailed river ray in South America he caught that was absolutely huge. Along with catching a shark on a hand line while sitting in a canoe. The rubbing of the line on his hands were burning them but had he grabbed it solid the shark would have pulled him in. He does end up catching a small reef shark though and gets it into the boat.

There was also a look back at the Bull Sharks that in inhabit the freshwater rivers around the world. In specific he was in Florida, where he is attempting to catch one in the Indian River lagoon, which is brackish water. It is as he calls it a “highway for sharks”. He catches a bull shark as planned but not the Monster he was looking for. He later visits a river in South Africa where he catches a bigger Bull Shark as you’ve seen before. It was a Monster male, nearly 500lbs. As he claims one of the largest males ever recorded.

Again these are all recaps from previous seasons, he is just looking back at the footage and providing a little bit of new commentary.┬áHe does mention a bull shark was found via sonar tag swimming mere feet from people wading in a river. That is pretty crazy stuff. He also shows the episode where he catches a 7′ Sawfish with the giant rostrum aka saw nose.

Bull Sharks are still scary in the sand…

Small Reef Shark in the canoe

Giant South American Short Tailed River Ray

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