River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap – Pack of Teeth

Jeremy Wade is back again for his fourth season of River Monsters and here we are at episode two. Jeremy has traveled to Africa once again. This time to hunt a fish with “shark like teeth” in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. He travels in by Helicopter, giving him a birds eye view of the complex waterways. He sets down and heads out on a small boat that utilizes a small hand steered outboard motor. Crocodiles and Hippopotamus wander near by as he checks out the surroundings.

Jeremy stops and speaks with the local people as usual. To get a feel for the fish around the region. This time he finds a local fisherman as well, however he is simply catching Tilapia. A common staple of diets around the world. He speaks with a gentleman named Clifford, who got attacked by a fish. He has a wicked scar and claims he got 14 stitches because of a bite he received by this shark tooth equipped terror. He describes a “long fish with sharp teeth, and with stripes. The teeth they are close.” I am guessing he is talking about an African Tiger Fish, or some sub species variant. The man claims to see them in schools.

The fishing begins with a piece of steak on a large hook, it gets a bite moments after hitting the water. He hooks something right away, after a short battle he pulls up a toothy catfish, about 2′ long. Not what he was looking for.

He meets with some local villagers who have been attacked by Crocodiles and then speaks with a Witch Doctor. He asks about the fish he is searching for. Some dancing and other non fishing related stuff at night, nothing to wild. He is getting his fishing pole blessed, I think? He goes basket fishing with the women of the tribe he is staying with. They tell him to fish near the birds, the water birds are near the fish. He finds a lot of the them in one spot after a bit of searching. He can hear a commotion, something is behind the reeds making them shake. It’s quite a scene. He cannot get to the spot though, the cover is to dense. And like that it is over.

The next day he joins a village elder to go fishing for the killer fish he has been searching for. The man tells him the fish has crocodile like teeth. He catches an African Pike, very cool looking fish. Not what he is looking for though. He decides to try a large jig at this point, and it was the right choice. He finally lands the fish he is looking for. It is not that large, maybe a five or six pounds. It has mega teeth though, for sure a scary sight. It is large and silver with black stripes and a red tail. It look just like an African Tiger fish, and sure enough it is. It just isn’t the Goliath Tiger Fish, as he caught in previous seasons. This is the smaller Tiger Fish. It is Hydrocynus vittatus, getting to around 3′ 6″ and 35lbs max. It is a relative of the Piranha, except much larger and dangerous.

Jeremy Wade holding a Hydrocynus vittatus Tiger Fish

Jeremy is told a story of a Tigerfish attacking a human being, a man was swimming and bitten by something. The bites marks matched that of a Tigerfish. He flies in the Helicopter again. He watches the birds so he can find them chasing the catfish run, where he knows schools of Tigerfish will be chasing them. He lands right in a mess of birds and catfish. A quick cast yields one of the same catfish as earlier. He tosses a line to see if he can catch a Tigerfish from the pack he believes is hunting the catfish. The Tigerfish are jumping all around the boat. He catches one, and another. They are all over. He pulls in what looks like a 10lb Tigerfish. One after the next. They are for sure feeding in a school, giant muscle bound shark tooth equipped monsters. Wicked. For sure, they are River Monsters.

Hydrocynus vittatus up close and personal.

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