River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 1 Recap “American Killers”

River Monsters 4th season premiered this past Sunday and what a show it was. A full 2 hours of Monster fishing all across the United States. Jeremy started his quest for killers in Florida, specifically the Indian River Lagoon. He was fishing the inshore canals and waterways in search of a Bull Shark.

His first catch however was not at all what he expected, not even close to a bull shark. After a fairly short fight for such a large fish he drug a Monster Goliath grouper (aka Bumble Bee Grouper / Jewfish) onto the shore.

Jeremy Wade with the Giant Grouper

It was not weighed but the estimate was around 300lbs, the length was close to 7′ long. It was nothing short of amazing, but the even scarier part – they get even larger. Some more fishing for Sharks was attempted from a boat with no success, so back to land he went. After some more long hours waiting on the bite a fish finally took the bait. Another good battle ensued but this time instead of grouper fins poking out of the water as he drug the fish on shore, a lone fin appeared. That of a medium sized Bull Shark. It was a success, he had landed his Shark. It wasn’t a complete monster by any means but at around 6′ long it was still plenty large enough to do some damage if you chose to swim in those rivers. Not to mention his bigger brothers and sisters are surely somewhere near by.

After having success in Florida, Jeremy packed up and headed to Texas to search once again for the elusive Alligator Gar. He chose the Trinity River this time to see if he could catch one of the 8′+ specimens believed to call this river home. Unfortunately he did not have much success. He landed a gar but it was a smaller one, he called it a Long-nose Gar but it looked a bit like a Short-nose Gar from the camera angle. If he says it was a Long-nose gar, then it probably was. He also fished a small canal where he was told a monster 12′+ Alligator Gar had been spotted but caught nothing but a small 1′ Gar. It was stated that weeks after he left another fisherman pulled a 7′ Alligator gar from that very canal. He visited with a Taxidermist who had the skin from a giant Alligator gar netted in recent years that was over 8′ long, he then showed Jeremy the actual mount which was molded from the skin. It was nothing short of amazing, it also proves that giants do still exist.

After visiting Texas, Jeremy traveled to Missouri and Oklahoma to try his hand at Monster Cat fishing. Both with Rod and Reel as well as with his bare hands. He was going after the 3 larger North American Catfish, the Blue Catfish, Flathead Catfish, and the Channel Catfish which is the smaller of the three. Jeremy caught lots of smaller catfish on Rod and Reel along with a decent sized one, around 50lbs. He then fished with nothing but his bare hands as he joined a team of Noodlers to compete in a Catfish Noodling tournament. He joined two friends who showed him the ropes of Noodling and before long he was jamming his arm up into dark holes on the side of River banks. Hoping a monster catfish would latch on so he could pull it out. He was in luck too, as he pulled out a monster Flathead catfish. It was over 50lbs and full of fight. With noodling you can’t tire the fish out reeling it in, you grab hold and it’s giving you everything it’s got right away. Him and his team brought 3 fish to the weigh in for a total weight of over 150lbs, giving them the 1st place win and keeping Jeremy’s reputation in tact as a Monster fisherman (and catcher). Not that he could have done it without the help from his two guides though, who put him right on the spot where the monster cats were hiding. They then put the Monster Catfish back into the holding tubs in the truck bed and drove them back to the river where they were released to be caught another day.

Jeremy Wade holding the catfish he just noodled.

Next Sunday, April 8th @ 10pm is episode 2 of Season 4. Jeremy is once again headed to Africa where he will be searching for more River Monsters. In the previews it looked like some more Goliath Tiger fish action but who knows.

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