Red Tailed Black Shark aka Epalzeorhynchos bicolor – Profile and Photos

The Red Tailed Black Shark is a fairly common fish seen in Fish Stores even though it is critically endangered in the wild. They come from Thailand, where they are found in part of the Chao Phaya river basins. They don’t get very large but come from the Carp family.


Scientific Name – Epalzeorhynchos bicolor

Common Name – Red Tailed Black Shark

Potential Size  – 6″ Maximum but slow growing. Most are bought at 1-3″.

Diet – The Red Tailed Black Shark is a bottom feeder and will eat a variety of things. A quality pellet diet such as NLS or Hikari along with some supplements such as blood worms does well.

Temperament – They make good bottom dwellers for larger community tanks but only get one. They will fight with other Red Tailed Black Sharks. Gets along well with most other fish.

Tank Requirements – The Red Tailed Black Shark is a jumper so keep the lid secure. A 75 gallon tank or larger would be great. They do well in 78-79 degree water with a neutral ph in our experience. Give them some rocks or branches to hide in, it makes them feel more secure.

Tank Terror Notes – Make sure to only get a single specimen as mentioned above. They will fight and attack until one becomes dominant and it will chase the smaller less dominant one. Do not mix them with similar species either, such as the Rainbow Shark because they can fight as well.

Pictured is a large adult Red Tailed Black Shark.

Monster Red Tailed Black Shark.

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