Niger Catfish (Ripsaw Catfish) aka Oxydoras Niger – Profile and Photos

The Niger Catfish (Oxydoras Niger) is the gentle giant of the Amazon. They reach nearly 4’ long though, so a monster aquarium or pond is needed. We have ours in a 8’ long tank right now and that is good but the depth at 2’ is now a problem! The fish has reached 2’ long. We’ll be upgrading to an 8’x4’ aquarium for him in the near future. So be prepared if you choose to keep one of these at home. They are easy to keep in any sort of tank biotope though as they don’t really bother other fish. They are LARGE though, so any plants or decorations will be moved. We use large driftwood pieces and he still moves them with ease.

  • Scientific Name: Oxydoras Niger
  • Common Name: Ripsaw Catfish, Niger Catfish, Cuiu Cuiu, Black talking Catfish, Mother of snails Catfish, and Black Doradid.
  • Regions of Origin: South America, Amazon River and tributaries
  • Temperament: A large but peaceful catfish.
  • Diet: Smaller invertebrates, crustaceans, and substrate matter. In captivity a protein rich pellet can be used as a staple diet. We feed Hikari Cichlid pellets, Hikari Massivore Delight, and Raw Market Shrimp. We also feed earthworms when they are present after rains, if you do this make sure it is only from pesticides free areas.
  • Size: Up to 42″
  • Water: PH 5.5-7.5, 75°-85°

Niger Catfish, with an Endlicheri Bichir off to the side.

Fairly recent picture of our 2′ long Oxydoras Niger. (Ripsaw Catfish, Niger Catfish)

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