List of Monitor Lizard Species

Monitor lizards are small to very large reptiles, depending on the specific species. They have long necks, strong tails and sharp claws. Most species are terrestrial, but arboreal and semiaquatic monitors also exist. Nearly all monitor lizards are carnivorous in nature except for a few species; the Varanus bitatawa, Varanus mabitang and Varanus olivaceus are also known to eat fruit. (Per Wikipedia)

In this photo you can see just how adorable Monitor Lizards can be, this pair is having a nice hug. Just kidding, they are fighting, this screen shot just makes it appear as if they are hugging.

List of Monitor Lizard Species

Genus Varanus

Subgenus Empagusia:

V. bengalensis, Bengal Monitor
V. b. bengalensis, Bengal Monitor
V. b. nebulosus, Clouded Monitor
V. dumerilii, Dumeril’s Monitor
V. flavescens, Yellow Monitor [endangered]
V. nebulosus, Clouded Monitor [endangered]
V. rudicollis, Black Roughneck Monitor

Subgenus Euprepiosaurus:

V. caerulivirens, Turquoise Monitor
V. cerambonensis, Ceram mangrove Monitor
V. doreanus, Blue-tailed Monitor
V. finschi, Finsch’s Monitor
V. indicus, Mangrove Monitor
V. jobiensis, Peach-throat Monitor
V. juxtindicus, Rennell Island Monitor
V. melinus, Quince Monitor
V. lirungensis, Lirung Monitor
V. obor, Sago Monitor
V. rainerguentheri
V. spinulosus, St. Isabel Mangrove Monitor
V. yuwonoi, Tri-colored Monitor
V. zugorum, Zug’s Monitor

Subgenus Odatria:

V. acanthurus, Ridge-tailed Monitor
V. a. acanthurus, Spiny-tailed Monitor or Spiny-tailed Goanna
V. a. brachyurus, Common Ridge-tailed Monitor
V. a. insulanicus, Island Ridge-tailed Monitor
V. auffenbergi, Peacock Monitor
V. baritji, Northern Ridge-tailed Goanna
V. brevicauda, Short-tailed Monitor
V. bushi, Pilbara Goanna
V. caudolineatus, Stripe-tailed Goanna
V. eremius, Desert Pygmy Goanna
V. gilleni, Pygmy Mulga Goanna
V. glauerti, Kimberley Rock Monitor
V. glebopalma, Black-palmed Rock Monitor
V. kingorum, King’s Goanna
V. mitchelli, Mitchell’s Water Monitor
V. pilbarensis, Pilbara Rock Monitor
V. primordius, Blunt-spined Goanna
V. scalaris, Spotted Tree Goanna
V. semiremex, Mangrove Pygmy Goanna
V. storri, Storr’s Goanna
V. s. storri, Eastern Storr’s Goanna
V. s. ocreatus, Western Storr’s Monitor
V. timorensis, Timor Tree Monitor
V. tristis, Black-headed Monitor
V. t. orientalis, Freckled Monitor

Subgenus Papusaurus:

V. salvadorii, Crocodile Monitor

Subgenus Philippinosaurus:

V. bitatawa, Northern Sierra Madre Forest Monitor Lizard, Bitatawa
V. mabitang, Panay Monitor
V. olivaceus, Gray’s Monitor

Subgenus Polydaedalus:

V. albigularis, Rock Monitor
V. a. albigularis, White-throated Monitor
V. a. angolensis, Angola White-throated Monitor
V. a. ionidesi, Black-throated Monitor
V. exanthematicus, Savannah Monitor
V. niloticus, Nile Monitor
V. ornatus, Ornate Monitor
V. yemenensis, Yemen Monitor

Subgenus Psammosaurus:

V. darevskii (extinct)
V. griseus, Desert Monitor [endangered]
V. g. griseus, Western Desert Monitor [endangered]
V. g. caspius, Eastern Desert Monitor [endangered]
V. g. koniecznyi, Thar Desert monitor [endangered]

Subgenus Soterosaurus:

V. cumingi, Cuming’s Water Monitor
V. marmoratus, Marbled Water Monitor
V. nuchalis, Spiny-necked Water Monitor
V. palawanensis
V. rasmusseni
V. salvator, Water Monitor
V. s. salvator, Asian Water Monitor
V. s. andamanensis, Andaman Islands Water Monitor
V. s. bivittatus, Two-striped Water Monitor
V. s. macromaculatus, Southeast Asian Water Monitor
V. s. ziegleri, Ziegler’s Water Monitor
V. togianus, Togian Water Monitor

Subgenus Varaneades:

V. amnhophilis

Subgenus Varanus:

V. giganteus, Perentie
V. gouldii, Sand Goanna or Gould’s Goanna
V. g. gouldi, Gould’s Goanna
V. g. flavirufus, Desert Sand Monitor
V. komodoensis, Komodo Dragon [endangered]
V. mertensi, Mertens’ Water Monitor
V. panoptes
V. p. panoptes, Argus Monitor
V. p. horni, Horn’s Monitor
V. p. rubidus, Yellow-spotted Monitor
V. priscus, Megalania (extinct)
V. rosenbergi, Rosenberg’s Goanna or Heath Monitor
V. spenceri, Spencer’s Goanna
V. varius, Lace Monitor

Unassigned species:

V. beccarii, Black Tree Monitor
V. boehmei, Golden-spotted Tree Monitor
V. bogerti, Bogert’s Tree Monitor
V. keithhornei, Canopy Goanna
V. kordensis, Kordo Tree Monitor
V. macraei, Blue-spotted Tree Monitor
V. prasinus, Emerald Tree Monitor
V. reisingeri, Reisinger’s Tree Monitor
V. telenesetes, Rossel Island Tree Monitor

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