Glyphis Shark aka Glyphis Garricki – Profile and Photos

The Glyphis Shark (Glyphis garricki) is a very rare shark, brought to fame on Season 4 of River Monsters. In Episode 8 of River Monsters, Season 4, Jeremy Wade went on the hunt to catch one and he managed to after a long search. You can read about that episode here and see video of it here. 

The Glyphis Shark is found in the Fitzroy River, In Western Australia. Only around 20 have ever been caught, Scientists estimate the population to be around 250 adults. They were first discovered in 2002, making them a very recent addition to the shark world.

Jeremy Wade with the Glyphis Shark he caught on the Fitzroy River. 

Scientific Name: Glyphis Garricki 

Common Name: Glyphis Shark, River Shark, Northern River Shark, New Guinea River Shark

Regions of Origin: Western Australia – Fitzroy River. The Glyphis shark has also been reported from King Sound, the Ord River, Doctors Creek, Adelaide and Alligator Rivers in Northern Australia.

Temperament: N/A – However it is a Shark, it certainly isn’t friendly.

Diet: Invertebrates, Crustaceans, and Fish.

Size: Estimated to reach 8-9′

Water: Fresh, Brackish and Saltwater tolerant, however this endangered species is not possible to keep in captivity anyway.

Glyphis Shark Up close, note the odd shaped nose.

Here are the other species of Shark in the River Shark family.


  • Glyphis fowlerae Compagno, W. T. White & Cavanagh, 2010 (Borneo river shark)
  • Glyphis gangeticus (J. P. Müller & Henle, 1839) (Ganges shark)
  • Glyphis garricki Compagno, W. T. White & Last, 2008 (Northern river shark, Glyphis shark)
  • Glyphis glyphis (J. P. Müller & Henle, 1839) (Speartooth shark)
  • Glyphis siamensis (Steindachner, 1896) (Irrawaddy river shark)
  • Glyphis hastalis

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