Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish


Motoro Stingray / Ocellate River Stingray – Potamotrygon Motoro

Arapaima / Pirarucu – Arapaima Arapaima / Arapaiama Gigas

Silver / Black Arowana – Osteoglossum bicirrhosum & Osteoglossum ferreirai

Payara / Vampire Fish – Hydrolycus scomberoides

Chocolate cichlid / Emerald Cichlid – Hypeselectara Temporalis

Convict cichlid – Amatitlania nigrofasciata

Jaguar cichlid – Parachromis Managuense

Mayan cichlid – cichlasoma urophthalmus

Oscar cichlid – Astronotus Occelatus

Angelfish –  Pterophyllum scalare, Pterophyllum leopoldi, Pterophyllum altum

Red Tailed Black Shark – Epalzeorhynchos bicolor

Clown Loach – Chromobotia macracanthus

Kaluga Sturgeon – Huso dauricus

Polypterus / Bichirs aka Dinosaur Eels – Polypterus Senegalus, Polypterus Palmas, Polypterus Delhezi, Polypterus Endlicheri Endlicheri, Polypterus Ornatipinnis etc

Giraffe Catfish – Auchenoglanis occidentalis

Goonch Catfish / Devil Catfish – Bagarius Yarrelli, Bagarius Bagarius. Bagarius Suchus, Bagarius Rutilus 

Cory Catfish – Corydoras sp.

Red Tailed Catfish – Phractocephalus hemioliopterus

Pictus Catfish – Spotted Pictus Catfish – Pimelodus Pictus

Sareng Catfish – Wallago Attu

Wels Catfish – Silurus glanis

Niger Catfish / Ripsaw Catfish – Oxydoras Niger


Freshwater Invertebrates


Red Cherry Shrimp / Cherry Shrimp – Neocaridina denticulata sinensis

More coming soon…


  • Deonardo says:

    I have a new tank been up for a week added the fish I asked the guys at the store and said to do water changes once a month or should I do it once every 2 weeks it’s a predator tank please help me

    • TankTerrors says:

      You can do them as often as you’d like really. It’s all about keeping nitrates low, the more densely stocked your tank the faster nitrates will rise. If you have live plants it can offset it slightly but tanks with large predators can use water changes even weekly depending on stock load.

  • Anoop says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have 4 Arowana’s (Silver 9-10 inches, Golden Pearl 5-6 inches, Red tail golden 10 inches and Golden High Back 8 inches) and 5 Tin foil barbs. The problem is they don’t get along with each other very well so I had to put a partition glass between my RTG and Golden Hback but my Silver Aro and Golden pearl are getting along well. So what should I do to have them all together set without any partition glass.
    I have a 7 foot L shaped tank, 46 cm Width, 40 cm Height.

    Best regards,

    • TankTerrors says:

      Sometimes fish don’t get along. You may need to sell or move one or more. Arowana don’t always get along.

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