Coralife Digital Thermometer – Review

For this review we’ll be covering the Coralife Digital Thermometer, it is an inexpensive Digital readout Thermometer with a 39″ corded Probe. It comes in basic plastic packaging with a battery included. They also sell them for Terrariums & Reptile tanks in similar packaging but it is labeled for Reptile use instead. (They are the Zilla R’Zilla 11837 and the  TH24 Zoo Med Digital Terrarium Thermometer)

Stock image of what they look like.

Pros – Inexpensive, Easy to use/setup, Looks decent
Cons – Not Accurate, Suction Cup mounts are not adequate at all

Simple review really because there isn’t much to them, however looking at the cons one must think – how inaccurate are they? Well, A LOT… Coralife claims them to be accurate within +-1.5°, I don’t believe they are.

Notice all the displays are off, by quite a bit…

All the probes in the same spot in the Aquarium…

I was asked if it was possible that the water temperature was varying because of water movement so I placed them all in a measuring cup of still water – same result.

They are simply not accurate, however they are fairly consistent. So if you can, compare it to a known accurate Thermometer to get a baseline. Then either add or subtract the amount needed to get the real Temperature. You’ll just have to make a note of how much to add or subtract when looking at that specific display. With that said, we shouldn’t have to do that. It’s not a quality product and I won’t purchase anymore personally. Yes I have a bunch of them but I did a mass purchase, my bad on that one.

As for the Suction cup mounts, I can’t stand them. They work great at first but simply don’t last or hold for extended periods of time. The suction cup for the temperature probe is basically useless. I’d rather the entire thing just have no mounts or simply come with some double sided tape for the display. The probe could come with some sort of small plastic clip to attach it or even a zip tie for that matter. The suction cup mount is simply not a good design for long term use.

I purchased 6 of these myself, as shown above in the images. I recently acquired another with a used tank setup I purchased. It is off at least 8°, if not more and the previous owner had no idea. His display read 80° but the Aquarium water was almost 90° all these years after trusting the thermometer. I’ve tested this on a couple of my personal tanks and it currently reads 70° on a tank with a temperature that hovers around 80°. Not acceptable.

In conclusion Tank Terrors does not recommend purchasing the Coralife Digital Thermometer.

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