Chinchillas are awesome little pets. We have three males and they are just adorable. We named them after the Flight of the Conchords characters too, so that makes them extra cool. Bret, Jemaine, and of course – Murray. Check out some photos of our guys below. I will be adding a DIY Chinchillas cage page soon along with some info about these little fuzzballs.


Jemaine being chubby.


Murray sitting still for a moment.


Bret posing.


Here you can see Murray trying to break into a cabinet during bathroom play time.


  • Connor says:

    Chinchillas are the cutest animals I have ever seen!

  • Dara says:

    would you think a chinchilla would be a good pet for a five year old boy? they are so adorable!

    • TankTerrors says:

      I wouldn’t suggest it. They are fairly high maintenance pets and require a good bit of time and work every day. They also need exercise daily, along with a cage cleaning (they poop A LOT), and dust baths a few times a week. They are awesome though, just not something I’d suggest for a child. They are also fragile little animals.

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