Chain Catshark (Dogfish) aka Scyliorhinus retifer – Profile and Photos

The Chain Catshark (Scyliorhinus retifer) or Chain Dogfish is a rare deepwater Shark from the Atlantic ocean. They are not often seen but due to the small size make them suitable sharks for the home aquarium. Eggs have been  successfully hatched that were retrieved from deep ocean waters.

Scientific Name – Scyliorhinus retifer

Common Name – Chain Catshark, Chain Dogfish, Catshark

Regions of Origin – The Chain Catshark is found in the Atlantic Ocean, from Massachusetts all the way south to Nicaragua. It lives in deeper water, 200-800+’ or so. So it is rarely seen by people.

Temperament – These guys are pretty small, so you won’t want massive tank mates. You don’t want to try and keep Damsels or Clownfish with them though, as a mouth sized fish might become a snack. Stick to similar sized fish or just doing a species only tank due to the cooler water needs of the Chain Catshark.

Maximum Size – 10-23″, making them very suitable for Home Aquaria, if you can find one. They do require cool water, so a chiller is needed.

Diet – Smaller Fish and Invertebrates; examples being Squid, Shrimp, Scallops and Mullet

Water – 64-69 Degrees – A Chiller is a must unless the tank is kept in a cool basement.

A pair of Chain Catsharks in an Aquarium.

I think this is a Chain Catshark but I am not 100% sure, the flash is throwing me off.


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