Blood Sucking Lampreys on River Monsters – 4 Videos

River Monsters has released some more Season 5 videos for you to check out. These 4 videos are all from episode 6 “Vampires of the Deep”. They feature the very creepy Lamprey, a blood sucking fish found in numerous areas of the US. Jeremy Wade even lets one of the … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 5 Finale – Legend of Loch Ness

Jeremy Wade searches for answers in the Legend of Loch Ness in the 2 hour finale of River Monsters : Season 5. It begins as usual, with Jeremy interviewing some locals who claim to have seen some sort of monster. He speaks with a woman who claims to have seen … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters Season 5 Finale – Loch Ness Monster – May 27th at 8pm

Just a quick reminder that River Monsters will not be on the usual Sunday night this week. The season finale will air tomorrow May 27th, at 8pm. It will be a 2 hour episode, wrapping up the 5th season of River Monsters. Jeremy Wade will travel to Iceland, Scotland, and … Read the rest of this post


How to catch a Wels Catfish Video with Jeremy Wade

We’ve got another “How to catch a River Monster” video to share, this one features the monster Wels Catfish. This footage is from River Monsters : Season 5 – Episode 2. It was titled “Atomic Assassin” and was shot at the cooling pond site of Chernobyl.


River Monsters – Season 5 : Episode 2 “Atomic Assassin” Video

River Monsters has just released this video from Episode 2 “Atomic Assassin”. It doesn’t show all the cool fish Jeremy caught but it does show the big Wels Catfish. So check it out if you’ve not seen this episode, it’s worth watching for sure.

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