Huge Payara & Redtail Catfish – River Monsters Video

Here is another awesome clip from River Monsters. This time Jeremy lands a Monster Payara (Hydrolycus scomberoides) and while showing it off to the camera his other rod gets a hit. After quickly releasing the Payara back into the water Jeremy pulls in a beastly South American Redtail Catfish. It … Read the rest of this post


Tigerfish Feeding Frenzy & Fishing – Video

In this clip from River Monsters(Season 4), Jeremy Wade is fishing for Tigerfish (hydrocynus vittatus) during a feeding frenzy.  The fish are extremely powerful and have one of the nastiest sets of teeth on the planet. Check out this River Monster.


River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 5 – Killer Sharks & Rays

In episode 5 of River Monsters Season 4 Jeremy Wade is looking back at past Sharks & Rays from previous seasons he has caught. Including the short tailed river ray in South America he caught that was absolutely huge. Along with catching a shark on a hand line while sitting … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 4 Asian Slayer

River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 4 – Asian Slayer Jeremy once again heads to India to visit the same rivers he caught the Monster Goonch catfish from in previous seasons. He is on the hunt for another supposed man eater. He begins his journey by visiting a friend he hasn’t … Read the rest of this post


River Monsters – Season 4 video

Jeremy Wade fishing for African Tiger Fish on Season 4 of River Monsters. (Hydrocynus vittatus)  More footage of the African Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus vittatus ) & Jeremy Wade from River Monsters Season 4.  

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